Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services Vs. Paid Search Engine Marketing

Paid search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization services are both economical and effective tools for attracting prospects. But which method to use? I’ll start with a short definition of each of these respective tools:

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) – Organic search engine optimization is the process whereby a Web site structure, design and page content is adjusted to boost the search ranking of a Web page for specific keywords. This requires selecting high-traffic keywords, adjusting the HTML code, infusing content with the right keywords, and building incoming and outgoing links.

Paid Search Engine Marketing (also referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC)) – Paid search engine marketing is an advertising tool which exposes web users to ads based on the keywords they search. To get good results, there are a few steps. First you need to select the relevant keywords and avoid irrelevant ones; then you must create attractive advertising content that will generate clicks. Next, you need to design a landing page that entices people to give their contact information, and finally, adjust your advertising campaigns according to your results.

So from a marketing perspective, how does organic search engine optimization compare with paid search engine marketing?

  1. Visibility – We all want to be ranked on the top of the search engine results. Paid search engine marketing can quickly get your company to the very top of the results page—even higher than the organic search results. Though nowadays web users tend to differentiate between paid advertisements and actual search results, this exposure is still very effective, if your campaign offering is well defined. If you are already on the first page of the search engines, the benefits of paid search engine marketing will be marginal. But if you have trouble getting your site noticed, consider investing in paid search engine marketing for fast visibility.

  2. Credibility – While paid search engine marketing can bring you to the very top of search engine results, it is just not as credible as organic search engine optimization. Most users believe organic search results are more reliable and trustworthy because they have not been paid for. Remember that unpaid, organically ranked links get a lot more clicks than a paid search engine marketing advertisement.

  3. Sustainability – When organic search engine optimization gets you on the first results page, you are king—and unlike paid search engine marketing, you are not limited by a daily budget . This means that as long as you keep up your minimal SEO efforts, you will appear high in the results every day of the week. On the other hand, if you lower your budget for paid search engine marketing, you will literally disappear off the radar. So if you’re looking to invest over the long-term, go with organic search engine optimization services.

  4. Measurability – The effectiveness of both paid search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization services can be tracked by tools. These tools enable you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing and improve your campaigns.

  5. Fast Results – Paid search engine marketing will generally yield faster results than organic search engine optimization. With better control of the process of paid search engine marketing, you can reach the top of search engine results within a week. If your campaign is well-customized, you’ll get clicks right away. Still, you usually need at least three weeks of trial and error to customize a paid search campaign and get new leads. In contrast, organic search engine optimization is more tricky. Though most of the Web sites that we have worked on managed to get to the first page after a relatively short time (2-3 months), we have sites that increased their ranking within weeks. There are many factors that affect how quickly you will see results, and based on our expertise we can estimate how long it would take. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for immediate results, go for paid search engine marketing. If you’re investing in the long-term and want to gradually increase your traffic, invest in organic search engine optimization services.

  6. Maintenance –Paid search engine marketing requires constant maintenance. You must constantly adjust your ads to appear in the top positions with the right keywords. This is a daily process of ensuring that your budget is well spent. Organic search engine optimization is different. Once you spend your initial investment, you just need to invest in a low-maintenance plan to keep and strengthen your high position on the search results.

  7. Cost – The cost of organic search engine optimization services run between 15%-20% of the cost of paid search engine marketing; hence, many companies prefer starting off with organic search engine optimization services.

If you have other questions on whether to implement organic search engine optimization or paid search engine marketing for your Web site, please feel free to direct them to us and we will gladly assess your situation.