Friday, December 11, 2009

Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns: 5 Reasons Subscribers Think You Are Spamming Them

Bulk email marketing campaigns can be one of the best ways to reach prospects. However, bulk email marketing can also be one of the worst ways of promoting a company if it is not done properly. Nobody likes to be bombarded with spam, and your company’s reputation will suffer considerably if you are perceived as a spammer sending unwanted email marketing campaigns. Sometimes clients come to me as they are concerned that their email marketing campaigns will be perceived as spam, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way.

So what are some of the reasons that email recipients would perceive your email marketing campaigns as spam?

1) No Opt-In Program. Because they never opted-in to receive your email marketing campaigns. It is important to get permission before sending bulk email marketing out via email.

2) Content Mismatch. Your newsletter content is completely irrelevant and does not interest the contacts on your bulk email marketing list, or you send emails so often that recipients are overwhelmed and lose interest.

3) Use of Spam Words. Your newsletter content features certain words or terms that set off spam filters. Multiple exclamation points, capitalized words, and terms like “free” in the subject line are a surefire way to get sent straight through to the junk email folder.

4) Unprofessional Look & Feel. You suddenly change your newsletter branding, or use a less-than-professional design for your bulk email marketing campaigns.

5) Poor CAN-SPAM compliance. MOST importantly, you will likely be perceived as a spammer if you do not comply with CAN-SPAM. CAN-SPAM is a law that establishes the requirements for commercial messages and gives recipients the right to unsubscribe to bulk email marketing campaigns. Read more on CAN-SPAM for bulk email marketing campaigns. In the near future, we will see the same in Canada with the proposed electronic commerce protection act. Failing to follow these regulations for bulk email marketing campaigns can incur some tough penalties.

If you have challenges with your bulk email marketing campaigns, contact us to assess why they are perceived as spam.